portable roller brake tester meets the current challenge of taking safety to any location

The MAHA MBT 5251 portable roller brake tester meets the current challenge of taking safety to any location. These were designed especially for the mobile application of brake and suspension tests on cars, vans and commercial vehicles, anywhere and anytime.

Maha have achieved this by utilising the main internal parts of the already world proven MBT 5250 above ground brake tester and fitting the rollers and a single action suspension test plate system into an all new purpose built trailer. The entire system can be towed to virtually any location. Set up is a simple one man operation, as the main test bed is lifted on and off the trailer via its own internal hydraulic driven rams.

Low drive-over height of only 150 mm allows for almost any vehicle with up to an axle load of 18tonne to be tested, even those with low ground clearance. Another advantage of the low drive-over height is that only short and light-weight ramps are required. The 3 tonne trailer is also equipped with shaker plates for forward and lateral movement operated by a cordless controller with built-in LED light. The unit is operated off its built in generator which drives the computer and the two 11kw motors.

The MBT 5251 series utilises digital data storage for recording and storage of measurement values. The display of data with the EUROSYSTEM software is via the radio touch screen and includes large easy-to-read dials displaying colour coded measurement values. Axle weight, Kn’s of brake force, deceleration and percentages of force are all measured or calculated and clearly displayed or printed.

The Maha MBT 5251 is perfect for truck and bus companies with several depots, the unit can quickly be packed up and transported from one depot to another allowing compliance testing of the entire fleet with a single unit. The quality and accuracy is guaranteed, as are all German made Maha units, now numbering over 60,000 brake tester units worldwide since the company’s inception in 1969.

Further details and operational videos are available at http://www.maha.com.au/ or call 1300 006 242 to book a demonstration.

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