• Hotline Roller Brake Tester / Shaker Plates / Dynamometers / Emission Testers / 2 Post Lifts / Scissor Lifts / Wheel Alignment Lifts / Inground Lifts / Digital Headlight Tester 
    1300 006 242 or 1800 006 242
  • Fax:       (07) 3393 1281
  • eMail: support@maha.com.au

The Hotline can be reached at following times:


Monday - Friday

8:00am to 5:00pm AET


Even if the line is busy, remain in the waiting line. Your call will be answered as quickly as possible once the Hotline-Central Office has an open line.

A quick response to your inquiry is our highest priority. In order to assure efficient and skilled answers to your questions, we kindly ask that you always provide the following information:

Postal code
Telephone number
Contact person
Equipment information (Product und Type)
Short description of the problem